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MetaMod:Source dont work atm. Comp-Pub in de_dust2 mode until its fixed!
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Danke Mishu!
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» 2nd Division: HELL YEAH! Our team won the promotion-qualifier!
by  *hs-s.com | me-Shoe       13:33 , 04.02.2016   
Two weeks ago we announced the 'Tie-Match' which our Team won so we were qualified for the 'promotion-playoffs' in the 99dmg league. To get promoted, the team had to win three bo3-matches in a row and they do so.
Yesterday evening they won the third match with 2:0 and they are now promoted to the 2nd division.
Congratulation guys. You done a very good job so far and maybe you can reach the top 20, or better, the top 8 in the ESL A-Series in the near future. We will see! =)
99damage League Season 2

Relegation to 2nd Div

de Team inVis BO 3 de Team *hs-s.com

0 de_mirage 1
0 de_dust2 1
- de_cbble -

We really hope this wont be the last success we can announce! =)


Link: » Matchlink
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Ort: Iserlohn
Beiträge: 3249
# 1 - 04.02.2016 um 20:03 Uhr

Glückwunsch! Super gemacht Jungs! Hab da ein paar echt schöne Spiele gesehen


Ort: /spa/
Beiträge: 17
# 2 - 05.02.2016 um 00:41 Uhr

Kann man das Match irgendwo nochmal schauen ?

Nochmals Glückwunsch an die Jungs, weiter so!
*hs-s.com | me-Shoe


Ort: MS
Beiträge: 5255
# 3 - 08.02.2016 um 00:19 Uhr

*hs-s.com | RaT


Ort: -
Beiträge: 2744
# 4 - 08.02.2016 um 11:23 Uhr

Von mir auch Glückwunsch! Habt ihr euch verdient, so wie ihr gespielt habt!

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