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hab einen -50% Gutschein für Civ6 falls jmd Interesse hat
08.10.2017 um 07:31 Uhr  
I'm back.
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24.06.2017 um 11:30 Uhr  
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ahaha oder das hier https://www.youtube.com/watc h?v=yr2GdRBDOmU
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» Shift Happens - A Must-have for all!
by  *hs-s.com | me-Shoe       11:14 , 11.09.2015   

Shift Happens is a local coop platformer for two players. Bound together by an accident, Bismo and Plom begin their involuntary friendshift in a laboratory. Together you make your way through various levels and stages to get rid of your connection.


With your ability to shift mass, you jump and run your way all through the various stages of Shift Happens. Each stage features new challenges and obstacles. On the way there are plenty of chances to help your companion reach higher, jump further and avoid death.


We enjoyed coop games like Rayman, Chariot, ibb and obb and Portal 2 coop very much. So being inspired by these great multiplayer experiences, we build our game Shift Happens around local coop interaction. One should be able to help a friend get to the shiny coins just to be able to backstab him for the loot.


  • built around two humans having fun
  • local couch co-op gameplay
  • two different sets of levels for a great co-op AND singleplayer experience
  • fun and demanding jump'n'run levels
  • almost totally unique core mechanic
  • find secrets and cash in
  • kill your buddy and cash in again
  • beat challenges and unlock special levels

"No shift Sherlock. This shift right here is couch game material, I shift you not."
– Random person at a playtest

"I believe it is safe to say that shift just hit the fan. This totally is the indie game of the year."
– Serengeto

"Ich will, dass dieses Spiel erscheint, damit die Entwickler nicht rumlaufen wie vershifte ♥♥♥♥♥♥!"
- Sandro Odak, ernstzunehmender Spielejournalist. Bezahlt gern per Lastshiftverfahren


  • No shift Sherlock.
  • Batshift crazy
  • I don't give a shift.
  • Shift faced.
  • Scared shiftless.
  • Shifting bricks.

Get a friend, get shift faced and have a shiftload of fun with Shift Happens! Grab a controller and explore the unexpected joys of being glued to your best friend.


BTW: Our Member 'RaT' made the SFX-Sounds for 'Shift Happens'!

Link: » Shift Happens im Steam-Store
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